Ancient Memory Oils

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Ancient Memory Oils are made in the USA- Each oil contains either herbs or crystals, these oils are perfect for everyday use or ritual work.

  • Aura Cleanse- to cleanse the aura
  • Business Success-  for greater success in career and business
  • Good Karma- be the best you can be! see the highest good in all!
  • Good Fortune- to remove obstacles from your journey
  • Guardian Angel- calls guardian angels; Guidance, protection, and comfort
  • Heart Chakra-Emotional balance
  • Healing-Spiritual and physical healing
  • Life Balance- balance home and career life
  •  Money Draw-brings needed money
  • Moon Goddess- female energy, lunar influence
  • Perfect job-For new work and job opportunities
  • Peaceful Home- to create a relaxing and serene environment
  • Phoenix Rising- rising above hardship, new wealth, long life
  • Psychic protection- Ward off jealousy and negativity
  • Positive Energy- Positive attitude and release negative energy-OUT OF STOCK
  • Prosperity- brings all aspects of good-OUT OF STOCK
  • Protection- protect yourself, home and all surroundings
  • Purification- Cleanse, uplift and let go of burdens
  • Releasing- to help release all burdens of the past
  • Sleep-deep restorative sleep
  • Spirit Guide- opens the third eye chakra

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