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Bertina Dreamcatcher w/ Gemstones
Dreamcatcher shown in Medium size / Red

Bertina Dreamcatcher w/ Gemstones

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Bertina Dreamcatcher w/ Gemstones
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Dreamcatcher with various gemstones - hand made by Navajo native Bertina

Note: Due to the natural materials inherent in this item, each unique piece will have variations in shape and color. Though similar, the item that you receive will vary from the photo shown.

  • Originating from Northern Arizona / Sedona / Navajo Nation
  • Available in six (6) colors: Red, Natural Tan, Turquoise, Purple, Brown, Blue
  • Said to "...catch the bad dreams and let the good dreams come through..."
  • Perfect for hanging near sleeping areas
  • Wipe with soft cloth
  • Materials: Leather, Semi-precious gemstones, natural feathers, glass and/or ceramic beads
  • Measurements are approximate:
  • Small - 3" diameter ring x 10" long plus 4.5" strap
  • Medium - 4" diameter ring x 12" long plus 4.5" strap
  • Large - 6" diameter ring x 15" long plus 4.5" strap

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